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Mazda Accessories Fever Gets Even Hotter
By  Tom Bailey | Published  09/17/2006 | Automotive |

Mazda Accessories Fever Gets Even Hotter

Mazda maintains its strong and meticulous selection of vehicle accessories to come up with not just something hot and new but exciting and functional as well. In regard to this endeavor, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) reported a 20 percent increase of sales of Mazda accessories through the first half this year. This figure is in comparison to that of the 2005 sales record.


Mazda’s new offerings include SIRIUS® Satellite Radio, remote-start systems, plus a full line of accessories for the new CX-7 crossover SUV. Consequently, the accessory fever continues as the automaker adds one great accessory to enjoy. Genuine Mazda Accessories launched an exclusive iPod Integration Module, which allows customers to connect, charge, and operate their iPod through their vehicle’s audio system. It can be recalled that Mazda was the first to offer iPod® Integration Module in all its 2007 cars and SUVs around the world.


To assess the performance of Genuine Mazda Accessories, sales of MAZDASPEED Performance Accessories is getting better and better. Sales have almost doubled each year since its introduction to the market. To boost the sales further, Mazda introduced its key offerings for this year which include upgraded suspension systems and cat-back performance exhaust systems for MAZDA3, MAZDA6, RX-8 and MX-5. MAZDASPEED, on the other hand, offers OEM-quality “cold air” induction systems with full warranty. Said system is used to augment horsepower without weakening emissions.


The overwhelming sales are proofs to overall customer satisfaction. According to Jack Stavana, director of accessory operations for MNAO, “Our objective with the Mazda Accessories program is to provide products that actually enhance the driving experience for Mazda customers. Mazda drivers are young and passionate, and Mazda accessories provide them with the means of expressing their enthusiasm on their vehicle.”


Mazda’s comprehensive accessories program also include in-dash single and six-disc CD changers, cassette players, MiniDisc players and the newly introduced PhatBox ® Digital Media Player. They are available at over 200 specific Mazda dealers across the country.


Tom Bailey
Tom Bailey is a consultant for one of the countrys leading auto parts stores. He is also an editor of a reputable publishing company in his area. He is currently based in Atlantic City, New Jersey with his wife and 3 children. 

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