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Background Profiling
By  Criminal Data | Published 10/21/2006 | Society and Culture | has access to over 200,000,000 criminal and sex offender records, some going back ten years. You will have the information needed to provide you with the security and knowledge for your peace of mind. You have worked hard to build your business and need to protect it.
Hidden Meanings Behind Rose Colors
By  Gregg Pennington | Published 09/15/2006 | Society and Culture |
The gift of roses has a history steeped in symbolism and mystery. Learn the meaning behind their colors, and send a more personal message.
Is re-gifting ethical?
By  Jeff Kennedy | Published 07/27/2006 | Society and Culture |
A lot of debate is going on about re-gifting and whether or not it is ethical in nature. People have different views: some think that it depends on conditions; some are of the view that re-gifting is economical; and some are strictly against re-gifting. The debate continues.
Steel Yourself With a Stun Gun
By  Mark Easterday | Published 06/24/2006 | Society and Culture |
It's no wonder, then, that tools of self-defense have become one of fastest-growing items on people's shopping lists. And at the top of the list, for both everyday civilians and even cops, are stun guns.