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Why Free Works
By  Lynne Saarte | Published  04/3/2009 | Online Business |

Why Free Works
In every ad campaign, there is one thing that the marketer expects from
the readers to get them to respond to the ad. If not, then the
marketing campaign is considered a failure.

The response to the
campaign, be it flyer printing or even custom catalogs, is to have your
readers either call you or visit your website. Some call-to-action also
asks for a visit to the shop or to complete a form that needs to be
returned to the advertiser. But most often, the response is a phone
call from the readers.

The bottom line to any call-to-action in
your custom flyer printing for example is to get your readers moving
according to how you want them to. Your message in your flyer printing
should have a compelling force that drives them to want to get up and
dial your number to get your offer. And what do you think would make
them want to do that? Offer something free.

That is right. The
word free is the most compelling word in the dictionary that can
overcome any apathetic and penny-pinching prospect to get out of their
seats and make that call. It is the most powerful force in the language
that can drive your readers to respond to your ad.

your free item may not be the best freebie in the world it may not
even be the latest Jonas Brothers 3D concert in DVD but the thing is
that youre encouraging your readers to pay you a visit or call your
number because you got their attention with FREE. Especially when it is
printed in all caps, FREE can compel your readers to act according to
your will. It gives them a reason to contact you.

The word free in your flyer printing or custom flyer printing
for example can make even your stingiest prospect to get in touch with
you. Who does not want a freebie? And when you get them to call you,
you can ask almost anything from them that is, you can get additional
information from them. From there, you can then qualify your callers
according to whether they can be good prospects and those that do not
really have a need for your business.

The good thing about
getting something for free is that people in general tend to be
generous with answering questions even when there is selling involved.
They become indulgent to the salesperson on the other end for the
simple reason that they do not want to lose their freebie. They would
answer even the lengthiest of interviews just so they can have the
gift. Not to mention that they are even happy and receptive to being
questioned. Such is the power of free.

The key is to get your
readers to make that call. When they do, it means that your marketing
campaign, such as your custom flyer printing, worked. Even if it did
not sell anything, just by having your reader to act according to your
call is already a job well done for your ad. The ball is now in your
court. The next step that your target clients take is up to you.

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Lynne Saarte
Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and other online business strategies.  

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