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SEO Analysis of Websites for Perfect Web Traffic Generation
By  Alan Smith | Published  04/3/2009 | Search Engine Optimization |

SEO Analysis of Websites for Perfect Web Traffic Generation

starting SEO analysis of a website, first have information about the
exact theme of the site. The theme of the website is of paramount
importance as it helps in deciding upon the right keyword phrases
choice. It also determines how would you market your website on
internet and social networking sites, decide on who the target
audience is and the way you can use these resources for better
profits. Before carrying out the SEO analysis understand the website
theme and the content consistency. In other words the content should
complement the exact theme just like the website design.

website targets certain set of keywords/phrases for search engine
optimization. Many times the website owners don't have exact
idea as to which keywords to target as a result they end up focusing
on single keywords leading to poor SEO ranking. Single keywords might
be useful in general theme in search engines but they cant lead to
higher ROI and ranking too. Let the SEO expert know which
keywords you wish to target so that they can make the list likewise.

next step in SEO analysis is, the SEO expert analyzes the website and
sees where website owner has used the targeted keyphrases in the
site. They go through the site content and title of the links. These
are the initial parts that are analyzed after that more complicated
elements come like- URL keywords, file names, headlines, HTML tags,
etc. The primary question of concern is how many keywords or
phrases to target in a single web page. Usually the number is
restricted to one main and two secondary keywords if you want to
create content that is liked by maximum visitors. See to it that the
metatag description, title and text have similar main keywords in
order to prepare strong base of the web page.

analysis also targets other elements like metatag descriptions, the
way pages are indexed, incoming links, usage of HTML tags and unique
titles. The main purpose of such analysis is to determine present
website status in search engines and develop an effective SEO

It also gives
perfect guidance as to which areas of search engine optimization of
your website needs more attention and concentration. You would
get insight into the target market, customers, market position, goals
and ways to improve it. Basically SEO analysis comprises of lots of
factors revolving around your website so that you get to know which
areas need more attention.

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