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Oudam Em

Oudam is the publisher of, a free online article directory providing quality re-printable content. He is the webmaster of many other web sites, including WebLaunch ( and
Articles by this Author
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How to Promote your Web Site by Writing Articles
By  Oudam Em | Published 06/17/2005 | Writing , Website Promotion (General) |
Sharing knowledge on the web can be a very powerful way to establish your online presence and credibility. First you write a thoughtful and informative article on an topic in your area of expertise. Then you submit it to e-zines to be read by the general public and possibly re-published on other web sites...
Ineffective and Unethical Web Site Promotion Methods
By  Oudam Em | Published 10/13/2005 | Web Development , Website Promotion (General) |
In this article I discuss some ineffective and/or unethical website promotion tactics. I talk about them here so that you won't waste your time and resources pursuing them.
Authors: Submit your articles to our new article directory
By  Oudam Em | Published 11/11/2005 | Publishing |
We are proud to announce the launch of  Submit your articles today!
Pixel Advertising: Fad or Trend?
By  Oudam Em | Published 01/17/2006 | Website Promotion (General) , Advertising , Website Revenues |
Pixel advertising is a marketing concept introduced by Alex Tew that allows advertisers to buy advertising space on a per-pixel cost basis. Selling one million pixels at $1 each, Alex's Million Dollar Homepage has created quite a buzz in the news media and has easily reached its $1 million target. Is pixel advertising setting a new trend in online marketing, or is it just another fad that will be history just as it makes "internet history"?
Get More Out of Adsense - Tips to Improve Contextual Targeting on your Site
By  Oudam Em | Published 04/12/2006 | Website Revenues , Web Design/Coding |
Fewer relevant ads means fewer click-throughs and ultimately lower Adsense revenues. Here are some tips to help you optimize your pages to make them more Adsense-friendly.
Read This Before you Submit to Web Directories
By  Oudam Em | Published 04/18/2007 | Website Promotion (General) |

Submitting to web directories is a highly effective
link building strategy that should be an integral part of any search
engine optimization campaign. Manually submitting to a large number of
directories is both laborious and time-consuming. Here are some
important points to keep in mind to make the most of your time.
Bid Directories: An Exciting New Way to Buy Text Links
By  Oudam Em | Published 08/4/2007 | Search Engine Optimization , Website Promotion (General) |
Bid-for-position web directories, or simply "bid directories", are an exciting new way to buy text links.  As the name suggests these directories allow site owners and visitors to bid for a higher position in the listings.  Traditional web directories, by contrast, list links by some predetermined criterion, such as alphabetical order, Google PageRank, listing date, and so on.  Bid directories allow people not only to bid for a top position but also to increase their bids as needed to maintain the position.
In Defense of Reciprocal Linking
By  Oudam Em | Published 09/18/2007 | Reciprocal Linking , Website Promotion (General) |
While no one really knows how search engines factor reciprocal links into search ranking calculations, let's suppose that the naysayers are right-- that is, reciprocal links provide no SEO benefits whatsoever. Should we then abandon the practice of reciprocal linking altogether?
Top 10 Link Building Strategies
By  Oudam Em | Published 09/18/2007 | Search Engine Optimization , Website Promotion (General) |
This list of top 10 strategies for building links is based on my own experience of building links to my sites throughout the years. It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to SEO, nothing is set in stone.
Lending Personality to a Website
By  Oudam Em | Published 09/18/2007 | Search Engine Optimization , Reciprocal Linking , Website Promotion (General) |
There are currently over a hundred million websites on the internet competing for the eyeballs of visitors. How do you make your site stand out above the rest? The SEO and internet marketing gurus will repeat the old "content is king" mantra and will tell you to come up with something unique and original.
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