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Epic Fantasy - Its Really About the Meaning of Life
By  Will Kalif | Published 04/22/2006 | Literature |
Epic fantasy has long been considered escapist literature and something that adolescents read to pass the time. It brings to mind muscle-bound heroes who fight dragons and rescue princesses. But Epic fantasy is really much more than that. It is about the search to find meaning in our lives.
omega supression
By  Simon basinger | Published 07/14/2005 | Literature |
a variety of problems and issues and sceptical fundamentals poetry.
mind and dreams
By  Simon basinger | Published 07/12/2005 | Literature |
the thoughts in my head and my perception of this black and white life no colour exist in my world...
Will The real King Arthur Please Stand Up
By  Philip Gardiner | Published 07/10/2005 | Literature |
In our book The Serpent Grail we had initially explored the Arthurian legends to see what light they could shed on the link between the Grail and the serpent but we decided we should now spare the time to take a brief look at the history of Britain and the period in which Arthur supposedly lived. Most historians place this period in the fifth century AD and so this is where we began our historical journey to find the real Arthur....
The Sword of the Serpent
By  Philip Gardiner | Published 07/8/2005 | Literature |
The symbolic truth of the sword discovered by archaeologists

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