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Impress your Friends with your new Home Theater System
By  Warren Thompson | Published 07/24/2006 | Movies/Film |
So you want a new home theater, but you don't know where to start? This is the guide for you!
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid Matey the Origin of Pirate Flags
By  David Mann | Published 05/4/2006 | Movies/Film |
A look into origin of pirate flags with background on a famous pirate "Black Bart".
Merchant Of Venice: Finally A Merchant Worth Seeing
By  Richard Marcus | Published 06/22/2005 | Movies/Film |
As a some what classically trained actor(two years of an academic theatre school) I have always had a thing for Shakespeare. I love his work and have never had the fear that so many people seem to have for the language. Sure some of the allusions and idioms are obscure or their meanings are only relevant to Elizabethan scholars, but a good actor lets the emotion of the words in context convey what is needed for the audience to comprehend the meaning of the words....
Getting an actor, manager and agent to all work together
By  Brent Mather Swan | Published 06/22/2005 | Movies/Film |
Can you explain how an actor, manger and agent all work together?
Everyone's a Critic or At Least They Could Be
By  Heather Wallace | Published 06/22/2005 | Movies/Film |
Imagine a job that is tons of fun and, if you follow the advice outlined below, is probably one of the easier routes to becoming a household name. It is the job of Movie Reviewer. Just think about how wonderful it would be to get paid to munch on popcorn and watch films...

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