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Powerful Strategy for MySpace Fame.
By  Ravi Patel | Published 05/12/2008 | Music |
MySpace has become one of the most powerful social networking sites online. It has millions of members, or should I say, hundreds of millions of members; it also reportedly gets around 230,000 registrations a day. Members also come from different parts of the world. MySpace, therefore, is the place to be if you want to become a world-renowned artist.
Build Your Own Musical Instrument: Save Big
By  Mike Jerry | Published 10/18/2006 | Music |
Have you ever wanted to build your own musical instrument? If so, you are not alone. You have many options when building an instrument...
Artist Song Demos - How To Break Through And Sell Your Songs!
By  Tom Gauger | Published 10/2/2006 | Music |
Learn how to get your songs recorded. Learn from a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency!
By  joey nana-asare | Published 09/30/2006 | Music |
Ringtones remain the clear consumer favorite when it comes to mobile music offerings from online websites. The mobile entertainment market faces challenges which will hinder its long term prospects because of the ongoing tussle for a large slice of the revenues from mobile operators and record companies
Sing Jingles - Your Singing Investment!
By  Tom Gauger | Published 09/18/2006 | Music |
Let a professional jingle singer and former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency show you how to break into commercial singing!

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