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Pixels and Digital Cameras
By  Wayne Rockwell | Published 07/10/2006 | Photography |
Most digital cameras today boast of greater resolution and picture quality. What does that mean to the amateur or occasional photographer?
Pure Photographic 'Special Effects' Without a Computer or a Darkroom!
By  John N Cohen | Published 04/7/2006 | Photography |
For those prefering pure photography, rather than digital manipulation, this is an exciting technique that anyone can do with very inexpensive equipment. The projector is all that is required (the magic lantern) is really magical.

Crooked Horizons in your Photos 5 Minute Digital Fix
By  Gary Wilkinson | Published 08/17/2005 | Photography |
The human eye is remarkably perceptive at picking out features in a photograph that are made up of essentially straight lines and that those lines are not parallel, either horizontally or vertically, with the overall print itself. These straight lines may well be the horizon, but they may also be an object in your photo that has straight lines such as buildings or walls etc .. This article describes a correction method using your typical image manipulation editor (Adobe Photoshop in our case)that can take less than five minutes to turn that mundane snapshot into a photograph that is very pleasing to the eye.
The Paradigm: Going Digital
By  Ryan Shapiro | Published 06/18/2005 | Photography |
As you might imagine the paradigm shift from traditional film-based photography to digital is rapidly creating new opportunities to learn and grow. The photography industry is moving at an incessant pace, and digital cameras sales have surpassed their film-based cousin at an alarming rate each year. On January 16, 2004, Eastman Kodak announced it would end its sales of film cameras in the United States and on June 15, 2005, Kodak announced it will discontinue production of black-and-white photographic paper by the end of the year as it continues its transition to digital photography. Soon digital cameras will hit critical mass and film will only represent a minute segment of the industry. Traditionalists are disappointed, and amateur and advanced film photographers alike are pondering the inevitable question - how can I learn this new digital camera technology in shortest amount of time?