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Automotive (General)
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Toyota Overthrows GM In Global Sales
By  Anthony Fontanelle | Published 04/26/2007 | Automotive (General) |
Analysts in the industry have long predicted a new top automaker worldwide. As predicted, Toyota is now holding the crown. In the first three months of the year, the Japanese automakers sales surpassed GMs, its closest rival.
Sensata Technologies Introduces Advanced Auto Seat Sensors
By  Jenny McLane | Published 04/25/2007 | Automotive (General) |
Sensata Technologies earlier demonstrated various approaches involving its advanced seat sensors. The new piezo electric sensor from the manufacturer is the key to remedy the problem of traditional weight that confuses most of the alarms these days.
Occupational road risk
By  Mike Lloyd | Published 04/24/2007 | Automotive (General) |
Driving at Work - Managing Work Related Road Safety - What are your responsibilities?
Rotary Engine Transformation Lives On
By  Kimberly Meyer | Published 11/6/2006 | Motorcycles , Automotive (General) |
It can be very much said that the Mazda RX-8 is the kind of vehicle that has made heads turn and eyes stare. And this vehicle has certainly been the reason as per why the Mazda rotary engine still continues to live in the industry. As a sports car, the Mazda RX-8 is quite unique on its own.
Corsa Exhaust - Power Without Deafness
By  Terry Brown | Published 10/12/2006 | Automotive (General) |
Corsa exhaust has established its name by producing sound of comfort rather than the conventional annoying noise of exhaust systems. Likewise, it is also offering a bunch of advantages that made several automakers succumb to its prowess.

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