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Business Etiquette
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A Clothes Encounter In The Business World
By  Lydia Ramsey | Published 10/4/2005 | Business Etiquette |
Follow these professional business attire tips for both men and women because we are judged by the way we dress.
Grow any small business by paying attention to critical activities
By  Casey Sung | Published 09/15/2005 | Business Etiquette , Business (General) |
Running a business involves many tasks and activities. It is easy to fall in the trap of the daily grind and neglect what's really important for your business. No matter how busy you are don't neglect your product development marketing sales closing deliveryand customer service. These are critical activities for your business. Take a step back and look at your daily routine. How much time have you spent lately on the critical things that matter for your business Neglecting even one of these activitiescan have a crippling effect on your business. Incorporate them in toyour daily routinesand see how fast yourbusiness grows.
Holding Effective Meetings Can Be Easier than You Think!
By  Adele Sommers | Published 08/9/2005 | Business Etiquette |
Poorly run meetings those held for the wrong reasons that dont involve the right participants or that dont use a disciplined meeting process can waste the time resources and money of a business. Not only are they a financial drain they have the potential to make participants feel perpetually frustrated and unproductive. Yet making simple changes to the protocols for running meetings can shift the dynamics into a highly effective mode.
Stand Out in Business the Write Way
By  Lydia Ramsey | Published 07/27/2005 | Business Etiquette |
Build your business and stand out in a crowd by sending handwritten notes whenever possible to existing and potential clients.
Sealing The Deal Over The Business Meal
By  Lydia Ramsey | Published 07/27/2005 | Business Etiquette |
Build positive client relationships and build your bottom line by learning the rules of dining etiquette.

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