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How to Write Checklists
By  Robert Abbott | Published 07/13/2006 | Communication |
Writing a checklist, to provide steps in a process or to convey the impression of organized content, is best done by following a few standard conventions, which we review here.
Does It Summarize?
By  Robert Abbott | Published 06/14/2006 | Communication |
Does your written message hold together when examined critically? You can check its internal integrity by trying to summarize the document, using only the information in it.
Take Your Good Idea One Step Further
By  Robert Abbott | Published 06/9/2006 | Communication |
Writing down your ideas not only helps you clarify your plans or goals, but also helps you communicate what you want others to do or think.
Branding and Employee Communication
By  Robert Abbott | Published 05/29/2006 | Communication |
The ideas behind branding, which allow companies to build trust and good will in their products or services, can also be used to enhance employee communication.
Email Newsletter Templates: Text
By  Robert Abbott | Published 05/24/2006 | Communication |
Tips and techniques for creating a text email newsletter template; explains how to format an email newsletter, then turn that format into a template that can be used over.

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