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Online Job Seekers --Beware of SPAM !!
By  Martha Winslet | Published 10/5/2006 | Jobs/Employment |
A vast avenue of online earning has been opened for the people and the same is being skyrocketing keeping in pace with the spread of Internet. But a certain segment of the society is indulging in unlawful and mischievous activities by mailing unsolicited messages. A brief discussion on it is placed below.
Online Resumes - Do's and Don'ts
By  Anna Jones | Published 10/2/2006 | Jobs/Employment |
There are certain dos and don’ts associated with online resumes.
Your Resume Must Represent Your Career Goals
By  Accuro Resumes | Published 09/21/2006 | Jobs/Employment |
In order to craft a truly effective resume, you must be somewhat futuristic in your thinking. This means clearly articulating your career goals within the text of your resume.
Full Time Freelancer: How I Did It
By  Gareth Butler | Published 09/18/2006 | Jobs/Employment |
In December 2004 I got made redundant and made the decision to become self employed. I had no contacts, no cash, and no experience. Today, just 18 months later, I have around 20 clients, a fully booked schedule for the next five months, I work all over the world from London, to Chicago, Europe and Hong Kong. I'm invoicing around $10,000 each month -- over 2.5 times what I used to earn full time. This is how I did it.
How To Write An Effective Online Employment Advertisement
By  Tracey Bowyer | Published 09/16/2006 | Careers , Jobs/Employment , Management |
Job advertisements should gain you the best possible applicants for your vacant position. Don’t waste money by paying for non-performing employment advertisements. Learn how to write job ads that will gain you the greatest number of top quality applicants from which to choose the high performing employee who will add profits to your business.

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