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Mid-Life Crisis? 10 steps you must take now to save your life
By  Craig Nathanson | Published 09/8/2007 | Self Improvement |
Save your life? After 40 one tends to be more aware of their time left and the things which are undone in their life. While it usually takes a crisis to become more aware, this doesnt always move one to make change in their life, especially in areas which are no longer bringing joy and meaning. The mid-life crisis can come in big or small packages. Illness, divorce, layoff, death of a loved one are big packages. Daily boredom, un-ease, sadness, unhappiness or even depression are simply signs that something is no longer working in ones life. After age 40 and frankly at any age, it is critical to pay attention to these inner signals. Here are the ten critical steps you must take now to redesign your life for more joy, happiness and meaning.
How to Build Self Esteem the Right Way
By  Richard Kuhns | Published 08/22/2007 | Self Improvement |
Most build their self esteem on the accomplishment of goals. Ironically this method of building self esteem is a set up for putting one's self esteem in jeopardy. Learn how to build self esteem even on "bad hair days."
Anxiety Panic Attack & Agoraphobia--Impact of Fight/flight
By  Richard Kuhns | Published 08/17/2007 | Self Improvement |
To Overcome Anxiety Panic Attack it's important to understand the contributing factors. Anxiety Panic Attack is a response to stress--specific stressors which in addition to nutritional stressors include life situations from which the sufferer would like to run away--the flight response. This article is focused on handling the connection between psychological threats and the fight/flight response.
Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis to Get Suggestions from the Conscious to the Subconscious Mind
By  Richard Kuhns | Published 08/14/2007 | Self Improvement |
Consciously one understands the self improvement goals, but the subconscious is stuck in past failure mechanisms. Self hypnosis is a most effective tool to get the message from the conscious to the subconscious where change can occur.
NLP & Hypnotherapy Can Build Your Self-Confidence
By  Alan Densky | Published 04/20/2007 | Self Improvement |
A social phobia is the fear of talking in front of people. Self-esteem is a posture that can be built utilizing hypnosis and NLP that can help to eliminate that irrational fear. This article delves into how this process can work for you as an individual.

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